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English - French - Thai – Russian –


Professional actor for 10 years in Europe,

I’m now based in Bangkok Thailand.

Blessed with a mixed ethnicity, ,
Italian through my father and Ukrainian through my mother.

I grew up in France.

I mostly act in English, but I can also act in French, Russian, Thai.
I have an extensive experience as Stuntmen.
I am also a professional diving instructor.


Movie- TV

Year Title Director Part Country
2010 Flight 777 James Chankin Graham USA
2010 No tittle yet Ajay Bhuyan Colombian mafia India
2010 Elephant White Prachya Pinkaew Drunk Man USA
2009 The Prince and Me 4 Catherine Cyran Royal Guest USA
2008 The Marine 2 Roel Reine Mr Chevalt USA
2008 Street fighter 2 Andrzej Bartkowiak Russian Boss USA
2007 Ne Mit Man Noum Teacher Thailand
2007 Wen Dok May Supravat Pattamasuit Bob Thailand
2007 Rak Tai Saiply Thai director Customer Thailand
2007 Poussom Fao Sap Thai director Antique Dealer Thailand
2007 Muay Thai Chaiya Kongkait Komesiri Jack GI soldier Thailand
2006 Crocs Stewart Raffill Crocs Hunter USA
2006 Tsunami the Aftermath Bharat Nalluri French man UK/ASIA/USA
2004 The Teller Frederique Pelle Jean France
2004 Nif Laurent Bouhtnik Tom France
2003 Dead angle Jihong Joo Marc South Korea
2002 The Signe S Bonnefoy Doctor France
2000 Le bourgeois se rebiffe J P Alexandri Russian Agent France
2000 Le Gang des tractions J Dayan Police man France
2000 Le Passeur d’Ames J Dupont J Bonsergent France


Year Title Author Director Part Country
2010 Address Unknown k.Taylor L Clementin Martin France / Canada
2004 Ceci est mon corps c. Blondel c. Blondel Alter France
2003 L’Entourloupe a.r Fourton a.r Fourton Russian Mafia France / Belgique
2002 The Dangerous Liaisons Laclos j.p hané Valmont France
2001 Diabolo et Camélia f Chaffin f Chaffin Propagandeur France
2000 Le Mariage de Figaro Beaumarchais Montefiores Figaro France
1999 Le Petit Pauvre Copeau d Guesmi Frère Ange France / Italie
1999 Les Cafards f Chaffin f Chaffin Luc France
1999 George Dandin Molière d. Perrier Dandin France
1997 Le Médecin Malgré lui Molière p Bricard Lucas France /Dom.Tom
1996 Le Distrait Regnard d Kreillenstein Le Marquis France


Year Title Part Support Country
2009 Mc Donald’s The Goal keeper TV Thailand
2009 TOT Business Man TV Thailand
2009 Testo Potato Chips The Police Man TV Thailand
2009 Naturegift Spy in the lift TV Thailand
2009 Unilivers The Referee TV Thailand
2009 Abbott Milk The Resaercher TV Thailand
2008 Sony The sport man TV Singapore
2007 Camay Soap Customer TV Libano
2007 Coffee Mate The Movie Director TV Thailand
2007 Hong Kong Broadband The document TV Hong Kong
2007 Business Newspaper Business Man Newspaper Thailand
2007 Peugeot Car Survivor Player TV France
2007 Mobil Oil The Gang Boss TV Thailand
2006 Forté Maxx The Father TV France
2006 Sudafed The Man TV USA/Canada/Mexique
2006 Mobile Phone The Police Man TV Singapore
2006 Sony Bravia The Referee TV Thailand
2004 Région Poitou Charente The Father TV France
2003 Crédit Agricol Bank The Boss Newspaper France
1997 Konica The Man Newspaper France

  • Scuba Diving / Swimming
  • fight with swords
  • Horse riding
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Football


  • Size : 1,80 m- 72kg
  • Age : 38 years old
  • Nationality : French
  • Driving license : car and bike
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